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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This BillBoard is a Sign from Above...Enjoy...

I'm sorry, I saw this and giggled. I hope you have a lovely rest-of-January-thingymabobby-whasit. Bye!

PS I did not intend to cause any offence to anyone who sees this. I have no copyright for this photo. Besides, it you think about it, it could actually propose some very interesting theoretical questions....have a gander about that amongst yous.


Monday, 30 January 2012

Paint is King.

Right, cryptic post title today - but I promise, all will become clear in due time :)

I recently was introduced to a YouTube vlogger (not in person, but on the interweb) who calls himself "Paint". Although he doesn't make many videos - I think he has about 9 million views? Not bad for a 19 year old guy from Texas.
At least, I think it's Texas.

Jon Cozart is not only a fantastic singer, but quite the charismatic one. Althought some of his videos are slightly an acquired taste, he is somehow fascinating to watch. He has done such videos as "Billionaire and Lion King Mash-Up" which, by the way, is actually awesome, involving the same chords for both songs, a cup that he taps with a pen - oh, and one of the best voices I have ever heard on the web. He also won King of the Web, which is some kind of internet vlogging competition over the pond in America (I think).

I would highly recommend watching his videos. They are truly hilarious and are great at cheering me up. It helps that he can sing really really really well as well!
Here's a link - copy and paste into the thingymabobby above :)

Sorry for the short post today, guys. Just figured I needed to get it down - I posted about Charlie, I figured I ought to give Jon some credit where it's due as well.
Have fun on la interweb, and have yourself a super week! Probably won't write anything until V-day, since that post is pretty much written - I think it's safe to safe that one will include a short rant, some jokes, some quotes, and probably I shall write a cheesy poem for you all! :D

Bye for now!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Day I Died...or turned into a vampire, your choice...

Had a very interesting day today. My friend is doing a photography course at school, and asked me to be a model. I was flattered - I'm not exactly the model type - until I found out that she needed someone who was pale enough to be made up as a vampire. Yes, I am pale - no, I'm not ginger.

Sorry, just a little bit of dry humour. My bad.

But yeah, I thought that this would be a suitable introduction for today's topic - the difference between Twilight and vampires. And yes, you did just read that correctly.
Twilight is all about sparkly, immortal, good-looking teenagers who don't drink human blood - apart from the sparkly bit, isn't that every person's dream? It used to be mine, I won't deny it - and then I read Dracula. The Bram Stoker book? About the vampire Dracula who does actually drink human blood?
Twilight vampires have superpowers - they can read minds, see the future - all good stuff. Dracula can use moonlight to transport himself, and can turn into a large spider-like thing (I think!) to climb up the sides of castles and other buildings. Forgive me, but that sounds way better than saying "I'm a vegetarian and I sparkle!" Yeah, you might be able to live forever, but Dracula was way scarier - and isn't that what horror stories are all about?

I'm not saying that the whole Twilight story isn't good - it is! But some people do tend to take it a tad too far. Take "Twihards", for example. They get so obsessive that they actually start biting people to prove their love (sometimes for eachother) for Twilight. Erm, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Twilight vampires are vegatarian, so hsouldn't you really be biting animals? Bet you don't feel so good about yourself now, do ya! HA!

But seriously, I have no qualms with Twilight - all I'm going to say is that you should really read Dracula before you decided what you think a true vampire is, yes?
Sorry for the short post today, I have quite a lot of stuff to do (HINT: some of which is for this interweb site!) but have yourself a very lovely 2012.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sneak Preview Part 1

So, my story is based upon Peter Pan - childish I know, but I just love the story so much. However, I was thinking one day and decided I wanted to know more about how Peter Pan came to be. Ideas turned into a short story, which in turn started to span several chapters, and lo and behold - I had a book! This is my favourite part from Chapter 1. Enjoy!

They had other names as well, but they all agreed that their real names, which were names like Bartholomew and Charles, were far too boring to remember. This was a good stroke of luck for Peter, as he did not always remember things well. They were all named such silly names because of certain traits that they carried with them – Slightly was so named because he was small and fast, Tootles because of a small whistle he would always keep in his pocket, a whistle, so he said, that he stole from a policeman on patrol. The Twins were named for obvious reasons, and as they always did things together the others did not see a reason to call them by separate names, instead preferring to call them both by one name, for they would both answer.

Nibs had an odd reason for being called Nibs – his father was fiendishly fond of fountain pens, and often Nibs would admire them in order to please him. He nearly always turned up with ink-stained fingers, particularly on Thursdays, as this was the day that poor Nibs was made to clean and polish every single pen, including the inky nibs.

Curly, as you might expect, was named for his curly hair, although he had a dreadful reputation amongst his parents and their friends for lying, and quite often he would boast to the other boys what skill he had as a liar. Peter did not encourage this, although it is said that he had asked Curly how to lie as brilliantly as he did.

His friends, after meeting Peter, became addicted to his childish ways, and thereafter always carried a sense of being young with them.  Peter didn’t realise that his childish ways were infectious but they were.   Peter’s friends never forgot how to have fun, and carried this special talent with them throughout the whole of their lives.

Who You Gonna Call?

GhostBusters, hopefully.
My friend gave me the idea for this post, so kudos to her. Thanks AC ;)! She said to talk about the supernatural - spooky, I know.
There are thousands of stories about ghosts from all over the world - most ghost haunting's are actually reported right here in good old UK! We've heard all manner of haunting's - the ghostly teachers that killed themselves because the students drove them to it - I'm sure we've all had teachers who've been like that! Or ghostly kings and queens who haunt the place they were executed, stuff like that. Nevertheless, I think it is important to remember that ghosts don't actually exist. Sure there might be an afterlife, but I find it extraordinary that people would choose to "linger" and watch the damage that is being done to the world.
However, this realistic opinion of mine doesn't mean that I don't find the whole concept fascinating. For one thing, it would prove that there is actually an afterlife - they would have consciously made the choice to stay behind. It's what I call the "Harry Potter Theory" - Dumbledore states, in the 7th book, that Harry can either go back...or "go on." However, not all ghosts are so friendly. Numerous films, such as the Paranormal Activity 1, 2 & 3 depict supernatural spirits which terrorize the general populace, causing panic, fear and suspicion wherever they tread.
This links me on to the topic of immortality. Medical science is making advances all the time, but would we actually want to live forever? We would never grow old. We would be stuck on this planet, watching its destruction, with no ability to avoid the repercussions. This is just my opinion, but maybe we're better off living our incredibly short lives.
Actually, this little chat about immortalisation brings me to a piece of good news for you - a sneak preview of my book! I won't release the whole thing on here, but over time I shall slowly release parts of Chapter 1, read  your comments on it and see what happens. I'm currently looking for agents at the moment so fingers crossed!
Bye for now!

Monday, 23 January 2012

My Top Favourite Things To Do

So, I was a bit bored and decided I was going to make a short list of what I like to do in my spare time, which I now present to you.
1) Watching Films - I get bored quite easily and since I have a laptop with a) an internet connection, and b) a DVD drive, PLUS a massive DVD collection - well, I'm sure you can guess the rest. I enjoy watching reruns of random TV shows that I never really watched before they stopped airing. Then, of course, I started frantically searching on the internet for them to watch online.
2) Reading - Absolutely one of my favourite hobbies. Sorry for being a bit boring.
3) Playing computer games - Xbox, Wii, PC - I'm a total nerd but whats so bad about playing with your baby brother, and occasionally kicking his butt at COD?
4) Amazon - okay, this is a big weakness of mine. I have a total Amazon complex. I love to go online to - and see what I feel like buying. If I can't afford it I put it on my wish list, but more often than not I will end up ordering something. (Side note: I am currently saving to up to buy a CAMERA!! Aaah, let the vlogging ensue!)
5) YouTube videos - Not gonna lie about this one, I do enjoy watching YouTube videos, and not just the latest music or celebrity gossip. Charlie McDonnell - - is one of my favourite vloggers - him and Alex Day - and I enjoy watching videos which they are in. I also like watching funny fails like You've Been Framed - I have actually been known to fall off my chair giggling whilst watching them.
So, there are my top 5 things to do when I'm bored. Toodlepip, cheerio, coco pops.....

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Full of Rhetorical Questions...

So, on Thursday I decided to watch a film with some friends entitled "Never Let Me Go." I had been having a bad day and thought that a film with a suitably soppy title would cheer me up.

I was so wrong.

Never Let Me Go features several very talented actors - Keira Knightly, Andrew Garfield (from The Social Network), Carey Mulligan - but nonetheless, I did not feel that this was their best work to date. It was without a doubt the one of the most depressing films I have watched in a long time, but to be fair I don't think it would be different with different actors - they themselves were incredible. I'm not saying that the idea is good - the plot itself was very interesting, subtly asking question about cloning, about the human soul - but I wish that they could have given it a happy ending.
The film itself was well directed, and set in an alternate 20th century, where - hooray! - the cure for cancer and other deadly diseases has been found but involves "growing" people as clones who are literally only alive to act as donors to people. I won't tell anymore - but if you do want to watch it, have a large dose of reality straight afterwards.
Nonetheless, this brings me back to my second topic for the day - people who say they hate life when they really hate people. I'm not going to deny it, I do count myself as one of these people from time to time. But my friend went to me today, "Why do you say you love life if you always say you hate it?" It took me a while to think of a reply, which (I do say so myself) was pretty damn clever.
"I don't hate life, I just hate people who ruin it." And it's true. I do think that some people have such a pessimistic effect on life that it does begin to affect. Sure, sometimes these people can't help themselves, but other times they are just digging themselves a hole!
I won't name names, but I'm sorry for this being such a depressing post. However, I do have an announcement to make!
My big piece of news is that, well, I'm writing a book. I've written about half of it but it's taking a while. I might post some snippets up on here, so watch this space!
So, signing off now.

Just as a side note, this is an indoor firework. Thought it pretty and meaningful, so....understand. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Why Religion Makes My Head Explode

Bit of a weird subject today, sorry about that. The reason behind will all become clear in a minute, however I thought I would tell you about some of the stuff thats been happening to me recently....because it's been FRIGGIN' WEIRD! I've started to write a couple more songs, and although I promised that I would put up my songs I wrote AGES ago, haven't got round to it yet so I promise they will be up before February...I think.
So apart from that, I've been working hard at school - literally, I think my hand fell off. Today, for example, I had my RE exam which was 50% of my overall GCSE - bit scary, but hey, someone's got to do it. Most of it was pretty easy, just a couple of questions which were a bit BLEUGH.
This talk of RE convieniently brings me to my next point. Religion makes the world go round, right? WRONG. Sure people have faith in their religion, I'm not saying that's a bad thing, just before I say anything else. But I would like to know - why does religion make my head explode? I'm not saying literally, of course not - otherwise I wouldn't be writing this post - but I do think that sometimes you have got to stop believing in something that probably won't turn up. Like, if you're about to be attacked with a knife. Personally, I would move out of the way as fast as I possibly could, right before disarming the kinfe and showing the other guy the wrong end, before thanking all that's good in this life that I was safe.

But that's just my opinion. I didn't mean to cause any offence with this post, but I thought I would just have a little rant and get it all off my chest. So thanks for listening!- or reading, or whatever it is you bloggers do.

Friday, 6 January 2012

I'm Sorry :(

I just wanted to apologise for that last post.....I was feeling angry and tired and sad all at the same time, and needed a place to vent. I now realise that the internet was the wrong place to do that. I will be taking down the "Boarding Schools" post so hopefully no one I know will read it!
Anyway, Mum's birthday dinner! Happy Birthday Mum! Love you x
I really am not enjoying 2012 so far as I can see into the future - which is until Monday - it's revision, work, revision, work....and then Slava again on Sunday night! V. excited :-)
Have fun, world!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Ukulele Is COOL.

Fact. However, it has come to my attention that some STUPID people on this planet don't seem to recognise this. The ukulele is cool.
The only reason I mention this is because those who seem to think themselves better than you - well, they're not. You're better than them simply because they think they're better than you. Sorry, tad confusing :S
Peopl just don't always understand you. They sometimes see you - first impressions are very important in this case - and think one of two things (FACT):
1) "I like the look of them. I want to be their friend."
2) "I don't like the look of them. I don't want to be their friend."
This will sound a bit strange, but I have a theory that they can smell fear, or popularity, or something. This would explain why all the popular kids are nice on their own, but perfectly beastly - sorry, just to sound English :D - in a large group. I have a friend, call her Charlotte, who is a lovely girl, we're good friends, well, in the sense that if there was a problem I could go to her crying kind of thing. Thing is, she's counted as one of the populars, and I'm, well, not. I don't let it bother me, to be quite honest. But she goes out to party and get drunk and do all the things that teenagers shouldn't do but, let's face it, they do it anyway. I don't get any invites so we hardly ever see each other.
Some people say I'm as English as they get. I like tea, not coffee, I watch BBC, and I go to a boarding school. Boarding schools? Totally not worth it. I would recommend staying at home and enjoying a nice night in with the family.

Anyway, I feel better after writing this post. Thanks for listening. Or reading. Or whatever it is that bloggers do.

Is Charlie Really That CoolLike? Yes, Yes He Is.

Charlie McDonnell is a video blogger who lives in London. He is 21 years old and didn't go to university because his YouTube Channel - - is so freaking popular! He has had over 200 million views and his most famous video, "Duet With Myself" (which I can also play on the ukulele), has nearly 7 million views all by itself.
I actually had the good luck to meet Charlie himself. I was in London on work experience when I walked right past him, stopped, did a double take, and finally went up and said, "Aren't you Charlie McDonnell?" Best few minutes of my life, to be quite honest :) I even got a badge!
Sorry for the bad quality, my camera decided it didn't want to focus. It says "I FOUND CHARLIE"

A lot of people give him grief, not just because he's known to some as the strange boy on YouTube who makes crazy videos of him doing weird stuff, like eating fish fingers and custard - a tribute to Doctor Who - but also because he sometimes seems just too nice, which apparently qualifies him as a homosexual. Please, just back off! Charlie is a nice lad who make videos and is quite modest about it, he has fun making videos and enjoys being a normal person - well, as normal as one can get being the most subscribed user in the UK, 30th in the WORLD!
By that I mean that he has over 1 million subscribers, which is pretty freaking cool. So if you haven't watched his videos, watch them. WATCH THEM NOW!

But, have you heard of his housemate, Alex? Also known as Nerimon, this guy makes freakin' incredible music! His latest single, "Forever Yours", was in the Top 5 for the Christmas line up, making him the most successful unsigned musician in the UK, and quite frankly, I love it. Alex and Charlie are really quite alike - however, whist Charlie claims to be "family friendly", Alex says what he wants, when he wants, and that is okay by me. Plus, the fact that he is also from Essex earns my eternal respect. Who says Essex people can't amount to anything?!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

This was at the end of Slava. And yes, they bounced around giant beach balls at the audience.
You can see some of the performed on the stage. Slava himself was not there, he was dressed in red and yellow. Tres funny!

Why Some Clowns Don't Scare Me

So, my mother decided that yesterday we would all go to a clown show in London! Here's the thing - I'm not the world's biggest fan of clowns. They're funny, but to be quite honest they scare me. I think it's all the weird makeup doesn't exactly help.
Sooo, back to Slava's SnowShow. I didn't expect it to be quite so.....wacky! I think it's the only word I can honestly use in this situation. Slava turned out to be a Russian clown who turned down a job in Leningrad to pursue what being a true clown meant.
Actually, I think he made the right choice. Slava is not your typical clown. When the stage lights up, you see a clown about to hang himself. It's all very tragic, right up until he finds the end of the rope - and attached to the other end is another, tall, green clown! As you might expect, comedy ensues, with the end of the first act having a "spidery" surprise. The interval is just as fun, but trust me - this is a show you may want to bring a waterproof to :)
I'll be posting some pictures of the end of the show (best bit!) and if you scroll down and click on the thingymajig below, it will hopefully take you to one of his best known sketches :)