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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Is It Time to Leave the TARDIS? (Warning! Spoilers!)

Okay, those of you who don't watch Doctor Who can stop reading right....about....NOW.

Right, hello, everyone! I know, I know, I've disappeared from the internet for a bit, and I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But hey! school starts tomorrow - for me - and once I have some sort of continuity in my life, the blog posts will happen more frequently. I'm definitely filming a video this weekend, because there is someone very special who I want to introduce you all to....

But hang on, I'm getting ahead of myself. Who else watched Doctor Who on Saturday? And who else felt a  smidgen of disappointment at it? It wasn't a terrible episode - just, it wasn't brilliant either. I shall explain myself.

First off, EGGS. What. the. actual. ? Why would a Dalek say "Eggs?" I mean, yes, I know, they're all crazy Daleks, but it just felt to me that Moffat was aiming for cheap laughs. Rory was brilliant in his conviction that the Dalek was asking for eggs, but surely even someone who doesn't watch Doctor Who knows that the first thing a Dalek will say is EX-TER-MIN-ATE.

And another thing involving the Ponds. Surely Amy and Rory had already discussed the fact that Amy can no longer have children. Sure, Amy had noble intentions for letting Rory go, but it was just SO OBVIOUS that she was having a rant in order to explain it to the audience. Sorry, Moffat, but we DO NOT NEED TO BE SPOON FED.

And, sorry, but WHY SHOW US THE NEW COMPANION WHO IS A DALEK. JUST WHY. The only possible plot from now is that the Doctor will meet her before she becomes a Dalek and has to live with the terrible truth of it. Then he'll care for her, then he might fall for her, then BAM! She'll be wanting EGGS. TER. MIN. ATE. Heheheh.

However much I didn't really enjoy this episode, I know of one fan who's post on has provoked outrage amongst his fans. Alex Day, AKA nerimon on YouTube, posted a long, loud, and frankly whiny post about how Doctor Who is rubbish and lists all of the things that was wrong with this episode, finally ending with the words, "So as of now, I’ll just let Charlie watch it (assuming HE still wants to) and he can tell me if there’s anything worth tuning in for at any point. I’ll check it out again properly when Moffat stops showrunning. It makes me sad to see a show with such potential waste hour after hour on this fluff, and watching any more of it will only make me sadder."

I'm so sorry to interrupt, Alex, but isn't Doctor Who the show upon which you make quite a lot of your money off? You have a band called Chameleon Circuit, whose second album actually BEAT Coldplay's second album, and you go and have a rant about how much Doctor Who sucks? Yeah, I agree, it wasn't the best episode I've ever seen, but they happen! That's why the best episodes are the best! GAHHHHH

Happily, my irritation was mirrored by this truly wonderful person who had quite a retort to Alex. I've copy and pasted his response here.

I've watched you from way back when you started, supported Forever Yours to an unhealthy extent, listened to VLR religiously and genuinely enjoyed a lot of your work and output for years. It's sad it's come to this.
I unsubscribed last month. Your videos were either about your music or demanding something like "Email Karen Gillan" (Which is a lovely thing to do considering you just tore apart her character in a heavy handed way), or about some awful socially awkward encounter/sex joke where 90% of the time you come across as a David Brent or Alan Partridge like character which is perfectly funny until it's a real person.
Why am I telling you this? I didn't. I unsubscribed and left it. I didn't write a 7-point article insisting my opinion is the word of god and imply anybody that disagrees with me has awful taste. I just left it. I didn't ignore most the following comments unless they agreed with me or provided a vehicle for me to try and make some profound statement on the quality of your work.
I mean for somebody that hates the Moffat series you did a great job cashing in with your recent Chameleon Circuit album, glad the Moffat era bought you a house. Did you write this infront of your Amy Pond cut out? That cut-out is realistic because as you've pointed out she has no depth anyway.
I'm not going to waste my time pulling apart your fact twisting criticisms as like the angry idiots on Outpost Gallifrey you wouldn't listen and just get more insistent you had "won".
When you were a kid making videos in your room about a shit day you had or whatever it was fun, you were one of my personal teenage escapes. Probably a big part of my life back then. Now you've become arrogant as you're permanently aware of the audience watching. So you end up publishing nasty filth like this and actually believe that you're right, it's just nasty Alex. When an actual respected critic does this they do it in a way where it is fair and inquisitive while comparing it to existing merits. Not just violent hate.
But fine stop watching it, I mean think of all the other things you can be doing at that time on a Saturday? Watch Red Or Black? X-factor? What fun.
Good luck in life. Sorry Doctor Who has fallen in quality. I just watched a 4 year old, 8 year old and a 15 year old and a 56 year old gushing over the prequel and then episode itself. They must be as retarded as me, or maybe know it's just a TV show. A magical, original and still totally unique TV show.

And YOU, Mr Alex Day, can take THAT to the BANK.

More later,

ScotsGirl x