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Monday, 21 May 2012

Why I Despair for the Future of TV

Y’know, I find it quite difficult sometimes to imagine the minds of my friends and schoolmates. What do they think of me? Do they know how I think of them? Do they understand the difference between ionic and covalent bonding of atoms?

Because I don’t.

But one thing that I simply cannot comprehend is their love for frankly quite crappy TV shows. Shall I name a few?  TOWIE, Desperate Scousewives – I mean, what? Who? WHY? Why are you watching these stupid shows which just give Britain a bad name? We’re hosting the Olympics this year, for goodness sake! The last thing we need are the other countries turning up and simply assuming that we’re all orange as baked beans with ‘vajazzles’ and no knowledge of how to actually speak PROPER ENGLISH, INNIT?

Am I being too harsh? I don’t care. I live in Essex! I’m not orange! I can write long and complex essays on why John Proctor is the tragic hero of the Crucible! I simply do not care for fake tan, 8 inch heels - and the fact that two of the cast had a conversation about why goats were called goats. Seriously.
I’m paler than most girls, that’s true (I don’t tan) and I don’t spend endless amounts of money on clothes and makeup, but I like to think that people are going to be my friends for my ‘sparkling’ personality and wit.

I’m not the only one who feels like this, and for this I am eternally grateful. Russell Howard, one of my all-time favourite comedians, feels exactly the same way. Did you know that the government says that TOWIE has boosted the economy by people buying fake tan, fake eyelashes, and vajazzles? Whilst the sale of vajazzles has gone up by about 400%, as the wonderful Russell Howard said, “the sales of books have gone down by 800%!” (NOTE: this is not a real figure!)

Just going to say it once – if I end up running a tanning salon and a TOWIE member walks in, beware – you might end up like this:
Still, I do have a little confession of my own.
Easter Holidays are over, and we’re back to school, but I haven’t yet told anyone of my secret. So congrats, internet, you’re the first to know: I may have, sort of, kind of, watched the first series of Glee and completely and utterly enjoyed each episode.
This is actually a bit of a shock to me, to be quite honest. When Glee first came out, I had no idea of its existence until that fateful night when I stayed round my best friend’s house. We woke up early, and because the house was frozen, we took our duvets and scrambled down the stairs into the living room, where my best friend gave me the remote.

“Go on,” she said, “You pick.”
She spoke far too recklessly – I had heard of Glee and when I saw it was on, I immediately chose it, hoping to see what all the fuss was about.

Guess what I saw when I turned it on?
A boy. In a leotard. With two other girls, also in leotards. Dancing “Single Ladies”. And dancing it rather well.

I’m sure we can all agree that for a first impression of Glee, it was not proving to be completely and utterly wonderful, but actually rather insane. It wasn’t until later than I learnt that Kurt Hummel was gay, and even though I then understood Glee a little better, I still remember falling about laughing before changing the channel and never watching Glee again.

So, what are your thoughts on TV shows? What are your favourites, and which ones do you hate? Comment below (you don’t need to be a member!) and let me know!

Signing off for now,
ScotsGirl x 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Just A Short One Today

Hello all you lovely readers,

I'm well aware that the blogging well has dried up recently, and I'm very very SORRY! :(
I've been ill with the flu recently, which, although I'm better now, doesn't mean I'm working at 100%. This post is just to explain what's been going on.

School has been school - here in the UK we've just started preparing for our GCSE's - they're not particularly important, just a few exams that kinda, well, determine our entire future. No pressure or anything.

I'm keeping track on YouTube, with a video about once a week, which is splendid for me - that's just right and they don't take too long to film and edit either. That being said, I've been working on a number of projects recently (both blogging and vlogging!) which means that my posts and vlogs haven't been very forthcoming...

I promise that I will get right back to blogging this weekend, as I have several posts which are in the final drafts - ah, the effort I make for you all! But seriously, stay safe, stay kind, and stay happy!


ScotsGirl x